Primary School

Your kids learning, their way

Every child is unique and different and in their own right.

Never applying a one size fits all approach, we guide each child to discover their own talents and abilities by creating a warm and secure environment that fosters creativity, curiosity, self-confidence and independence.

The best for your child

Stronger foundations

Building independence and a love of learning.

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Building life skills

Preparing them for life and brighter futures.

Nurturing Curiosity

Curious minds discovering new things.

Areas Covered




Lesson Structure


1-2 hours per lesson


Learning activities after every lesson


Face-to-face / Online


Individual /Small groups



Learning Outcomes

Problem Solving Skills

Develop your child's willingness to recognise their own mistakes and learn to come up with their own solutions.


Develop your child's understanding of their values, interests and strengths.

independent learners

Develop your child's ability motivate themselves so remain curious, engaged and direct their own learning.

clear communication

Develop your child's communication skills so they can express their ideas and opinions.

Our students

Fundamental learning

Strengthen your child’s knowledge by developing their creative and critical thinking skills. These are the building blocks to a bright future. We believe it’s important to teach children to be independent learners. Learners who not only come up with their own solutions, but also feel okay about making mistakes in the process. We help your child develop the confidence to confront and conquer their own challenges.

Engaging interactions​

Childhood is an exciting time of wonder and discovery. As your child’s natural curiosity begins to develop, they become eager to explore and find out what the world has to offer. We encourage them to ask questions about how things work and learn to understand new exciting ideas. We guide them to develop their interests, self-awareness and to form better relationships with themselves and others.

Ready to start?

Here’s how it works.

Let’s arrange a free consult to chat about your situation and needs. Then, we’ll design a learning program specifically for you and your goals.