High School

Don't follow the crowd

Let’s be real. Your ATAR score will not determine your future happiness, so don’t waste time stressing about it like everybody else. Yup, we said it.

School is not the end goal but rather a medium to develop essential life skills. We guide to develop an awareness of your goals and abilities, so that you’re equipped to create YOUR own successes according to YOUR values and dreams.

Take control of your learning

Recognise Connections

Understand your world and connect the dots.

Push Boundaries

Discover more and explore beyond the classroom.

Intuitive Integration

Apply your learning and pursue your goals.

Areas Covered




Lesson Structure


1-2 hours per lesson


Support for assignments & tests / Extra activities when required


Face-to-face / Online


Individual / Groups up to 4



Learning Outcomes

Practical Knowledge

Go deeper with your subject content in a way that relates to you in the real world and not just the textbook.

Stronger Analytical Skills

Understand complex problems and learn to create solutions of your own.

Coherent Communication

Express your ideas clearly and logically and be understood by your teacher and peers.

Flexible Application

Learn skills and knowledge that can be widely applied across other subjects and different areas in your life.

Our Students

Make sense of your world

Have you ever wondered when you’d ever use differential calculus once school’s over? Honestly, what is the point of it these complex symbols and equations? Well, you’d be surprised at how some concepts act as the building blocks for the world we live in. We aim to make sense of the things you learn by connecting it to what you already know and what’s in your surroundings.

Leap outside your comfort zone

Say goodbye to memorising and cramming. It’s time to confront the unknown and develop your critical thinking skills. We guide you to look beyond face value and to approach your learning as problem solving. While this might be scary to most at first, we promise that you’ll come out the other end with not just a deeper understanding of the things you learn, but also your abilities and interests.

Ready to start?

Here’s how it works.

Let’s arrange a free consult to chat about your situation and needs. Then, we’ll design a learning program specifically for you and your goals.