We're SY Tuitions!

Who we are

SY Tuitions was started in 2009 by Sam from a passion for learning and teaching as well as recognising a need for better quality education. Fast forward to 2019, Sam partnered up with long-time friends and fellow educators Amy and Cherie to offer more areas of support and expand SY Tuitions’ reach to more students. As our team continues to grow, we remain clear about our motivation to teach. 

Learning should engaging, relatable and purposeful.

What we do

We specialise in face to face and online lessons for individuals and small groups. 

We offer lessons for primary, high school and university for a wide range of subjects.

You won’t find a one size fits all approach here. All our lessons are designed specifically to the needs of each student to maximise learning outcomes.

Our mission

We believe we need to raise the standard of education by not only teaching students what to learn, but also how to learn.

Our ultimate goal is to help students develop the necessary abilities and self-awareness to pursue their own goals.

Our students

Our values


We encourage students to be open in their learning by applying different methods to achieve results.


We teach students to think make decisions with their own judgement and critical thinking skills.​​



We guide students to adapt to challenging times and bounce back from setbacks in learning and life.​

Our team

Sam Ye

Maths, Physics TUtor

Throughout my 11 years of tutoring, I have always emphasised individual growth and development both in knowledge and skills. I encourage my students to develop deeper understandings of their subject areas and grow a stronger set of analytical, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. With well-developed knowledge and skills, my students will not only excel academically but also create future successes. My students adopt a culture of life-long learning and are instilled with a passion to pursue one’s dreams.

Amy Huang

Primary School Tutor

I am a registered primary school teacher and I tutor students English, Maths and Science. I have been teaching for over 3 years. As an educator, I value teaching concepts and skills that can be transferred across other learning areas. While concepts vary from subject to subject, practical and communication skills are important to learn overall. During my lessons, there is a direct focus on developing meta-cognition skills where students are encouraged to think about and assess their own thought processes when learning. Students implement an inquiry approach to learning, where they are able to indicate and communicate the direction they want to take their learning. Students then become active thinkers and learners which develops more of a curiosity and they are able to make meaning of learned concepts and skills.

Cherie Wee

English Tutor

I have noticed that students often struggle with English language-based subjects not due to limited vocabulary or grammar skills, but rather a lack of understanding of the purpose and structure of communication. I focus on teaching my students to recognise the general patterns that exist within communication while developing critical thinking skills. Effective communication skills and self-awareness lead to success in various settings.

Gavin Lai

Chemistry Tutor

I am a pharmacist who has 7 years of experience in teaching year 11 and 12 chemistry and biology. In addition, I have mentored several university students, helping them to set up milestones and motivating them to achieve their goals. Throughout all my years of teaching, I have consistently instilled the idea that a positive learning environment not only promotes effective learning but also promotes self-development and personal success. As an educator, I hope for all my students to always put passion into everything they do and to always try their best to take that one step closer to achieving their dreams.

Linh Co Photos

LinhCo Bui

Maths Tutor

I am a university student, in my second year of Mechanical Engineering and Science. As a current student of mathematics and physics, I understand the most important aspect to excelling in academics is the conceptual understanding of the key ideas. Teaching that comes in a clear and intuitive manner where students can grasp concepts in a transferrable way will eventually lead to students being able to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills based upon this conceptual foundation. This is the core of my tutoring philosophy as I value conceptual understand much greater than learning processes or remedial education. Especially when it comes to the fields of Mathematics and Physics, where the concepts are so intertwined so much that one field can directly explain the concepts in the other field, it is my perspective that conceptual understanding is even more important. This intuitive understanding is the key to unlocking many of the students analytical and problem solving skills that would lead to the excellency in academics.

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